Rebates & Incentive Programs

Mill City Energy is partnered with NHSaves to offer you the best discounts and incentives for your home energy improvement solutions that are available to you.

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Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

This is a utility sponsored program that Mill City Energy is affiliated with. The program offers rebates up to $4000 for approved energy efficient upgrades and a financing option with 0% interest.

Energy Saving Products

Shop for energy savings products at NHSaves online catalog or search for appliances through the ENERGY STAR Appliance program. You can also search for ENERGY STAR rated heating and cooling systems to earn discounts, incentives and more.


NH Lead Rebate Programs

We work with all the NH Lead programs to offer qualifying properties grant money up to $12,500 per unit for the removal of lead paint.

Tax Rebates

Tax credits are available for certain energy efficient home improvements. Learn more here.

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