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Why Upgrade to an Efficient Home?

Old homes suffer from cold drafts, old windows, mold issues, lead problems and other hazardous health issues. Homes built without energy efficiency in mind suffer from costly monthly bills and poor comfort. Mill City Energy has state of the art technology to determine if that’s the case for your home and we provide the best home energy solutions. The benefits of making home performance improvements are drastic and you will soon realize that not only will you live in comfort, free from health hazards, but you’ll also be reducing your utility costs substantially. Since we work in programs that have robust rebates and incentives we can guide you to the most cost-effective pathways for your improvements and help cut your upfront costs significantly.

How Mill City Energy Works in Massachusetts

Contact us so our energy experts can visually assess your home and determine a high level path for your home efficiency improvements.
We will submit a Participating Contractor Referral (PCR) to the Mass Save® program, who will schedule your Home Energy Assessment.
The Energy Specialist will propose any weatherization upgrades to you with guidance from the PCR Mill City Energy submitted, as well as making any equipment upgrade recommendations.
You will submit your Mass Save® Weatherization Contract to the program, which will be assigned to Mill City Energy experts for installation.
Mill City Energy professionals will install your weatherization work as well as contracting for any equipment upgrades or other services you are interested in.
After making the energy efficiency upgrades, not only should the value of your home increase but your monthly utility bills will be reduced.

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