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Mill City Energy offers a range of state of the art testing and assessment services which is the first step to step to take to determine how much energy your home consumes. From duct testing, thermal image testing to Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) testing, our energy experts will find problems that are potentially wreaking havoc in your home.

Mill City Energy Home Assessments

Below are the services we offer. Click on each to learn more about them and when properly corrected, can save you significant amounts of money.

Energy Audits

Energy audits consist of many different components. For Mill City Energy, the main component is informing you, developing an action plan, installing it correctly, and saving you money on your energy costs. We do this through building science and taking the “House as a System” approach. The “House as a System” approach looks at your home’s foundation and how each aspect affects the other. From ice dams, air leaks to lead problems, our energy experts will find the problem source and offer the best solution to fit your needs.

Mill City Energy understands that every home situation is unique that’s why we offer different levels of energy audits. You can choose from a basic, upgraded or premium audit. Contact us today to find out out what the differences between each level.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is a great way to find unseen issues in your home. Thermal Imaging looks for temperature variations in your home’s foundation with computer modeling and scanning using TREAT software. With thermal imaging our energy experts will be able to detect the following:

Thermal Imaging✓ Interior water leaks

✓ Air infiltration

✓ Electrical overload in  the circuit board

✓ Inefficiencies in your insulation

✓ HVAC duct leakage

✓ Roof leaks

✓ Heating system troubleshooting

✓ Radiant flooring issues

Thermal imaging is an extremely valuable tool and part of our premium energy audit package. Once we do a walk through in your home with our thermal imaging technology, our energy experts will provide you with a detailed computer modeling and thermal scan report. This report will consist of thermal images taken of your home along with detailed energy consumption information of each image. This allows to work together to figure out the best action plan and if home energy improvements are worthwhile.

Blower Door Tests

Blower Door TestsThe blower door and its components are crucial components of finding everything from air leaks in your home to zone pressure diagnostics. Some cities and towns are now requiring that a blower door be performed before the house can be put up for sale.

During our basic energy audit, our energy experts will be running the blower door testing to assist in finding air leaks that are not easily seen. If we identify air leaks, our energy experts can make sure a proper pressure barrier is in place since aligning your pressure and thermal barrier is one of the most important objectives in better insulation and saving you money.

Duct Tests

Duct TestingThe Duct blaster test is the Blower Door for your ducts. By attaching a fan to the return of the duct we can easily pin point air leaks. If our energy experts find any air leakage then we will recommend duct sealing. This will vastly improve your hot and cool air staying in the  it is another way that will benefit your home in sealing in your hot or cool air. This is why some cities are requiring this test to be performed before the home can be placed for sale.

Our upgraded energy audit includes duct pressure diagnostics and room pressure diagnostics (only for homes with forced hot air heating systems).

Code Compliance Tests

Code compliance testing for new construction. We can provide all of the testing that is required for all the newer building codes.

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