Consultation Services

Our energy consultants will visit your home and conduct an energy assessment that will evaluate the energy efficiency of your home. We will walk through your home and run state of the art diagnostic tests and determine if home energy solutions are a good fit.

Diagnostic Test – Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ)

The single most important diagnostic testing that is done in your energy consultation service is a Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) test. This test should be conducted in every home that under goes major renovations or draft reduction measures (windows included). A CAZ test is performed by checking the pressure from the heating system area leading to the door.

What is Negative Pressure?

Running multiple major appliances will increase the pressure in your home. For example, when you turn on your bathroom fan along with a dryer and kitchen fan the negative pressure increases. For every cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air that leaves your home through bathroom fans, dryers, etc…a CFM of air enters your home.

The most common and largest openings are the flue for the heating system and hot water tanks. If the negative pressure is too great, your heating system and hot water heater will expel exhaust gases into your home which is a huge safety risk. Our diagnostic test will make sure your heating system and hot water heater are drafting out of the home properly.

What is the Next Step?

After our diagnostic test to check for negative pressure, we will discuss our energy savings recommendations and ways that you can improve your home’s efficiency while lowering your energy costs.

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